Weaving Textures in Photography

See what I did there? Photography for me is all about the textures we see in life and portraying them in imagery. In fact every image owns its own texture and for me texture equals mood. It doesn't matter what kind of photography it is; the texture is its backbone... even landscapes! If I can feel the texture I am seeing through the lens, it's not long before you hear the "click."



What is the first thing you think of when you look at this image of the fishing nets? For me, I immediately wonder how many voyages they have been on and what sort of catches have they been a part of? It leads me to daydreaming of the time spent floating in the water, waiting for the ship to pull me back in with my collected treasures. While I've seen plenty of fishing nets walking the docks over the decades, this particular pile was so tidy, neat and the color knocked me off my feet. The challenge became, was it possible to deliver what I was seeing to you. I probably took twenty different views of them from wide to close. This one is on the close side. It is able to portray all the colors in the pile but still provide intimate detail at the same time. Gaining texture in photos like this takes testing various combinations of aperture (f-stop) and exposure (iso) settings. The perfect wall art for people who live down by the hahhbah or wished they did! You could add another layer of texture to it by printing on canvas. You will find this image now as part of the Waterfront Collection.





I just framed my first (of many) abstract acrylics inspired by Gerhard Richter. I came across his work and immediately wanted to try my hand at this type of expression. It spoke to me. I love the freeing feeling I get when deep into the process. I am learning how to layer - lighter to darker, or darker to lighter and transparent to opaque or vice versa. I named this piece, "Coming Attractions." I used a small concrete trowel and bread knife to apply to acrylic paint. It is 20 x 20 but I can see how easily it could be to GO BIG! Ive now been working at art; encaustic photography, abstract acrylics and the six-piece collection of spray foam and epoxy pieces (thus far). During the next month I am going to open my "original art" gallery here where you will be able to purchase the one of a kind artwork I am making in addition to my photography work. Stay tuned!




Peter Rowan has been a favorite of mine for...ever! He basically emerged out of the band, SeaTrain, in the late 60's and early 70's. This perfect cover of "Willin", written by Lowell George, that actually beat the Little Feat version to release, is certainly a standout. This song and their 2nd album was produced by George Martin, the first thing he had done after The Beatles. Back it up a few years and you find out that Peter was hired by Bill Monroe to write songs and play the geetahr! So his roots are what is referred to today as, authentic!



Come 1973, "Old and In the Way" happened! I share their live cover of the Mick Jagger iconic song, Wild Horses, which i like to think was "co-written" by Gram Parsons. If you never have heard this album, do so. If its been a couple decades refresh! Some of the most wonderful Americana of all time. Vassar Clemens on Fiddle, Jerry on banjo and Grisman on mandolin. Of course, all of them went on to write very important chapters in Americana music and those still alive continue to this day!