You Have to Start Somewhere!

Procrastination. Have you ever been stuck? I have. Take blogging: for years and years i have helped others get an internet presence and build brands online. I stop and wonder why I am not doing it for myself? The inner voice says, "what you are doing is already working... why put out that extra effort?" It's really hard to get the inner voice to flip from protecting your psyche to allowing you to step out of your comfort zone. And so, this is my first blog.

I've got plenty to say. In fact most of the time I have to work really hard to shut up! But I've kept thinking that if I blog I need to have some sort of miraculous insight  or profound thought to offer up. Perhaps I do. Maybe I will! But with everything, if you put it off, it remains elusive. I could have blogged about what I have found out and have done for my clients during my 20+ years of search engine marketing (SEO). But, while I enjoy my SEO day job it is not something I am wholly passionate about. Probably because I have always felt like a trapped artist and not a tech solutions provider.

All along throughout my life, I've been a photographer. What you might call a semi pro. Fortunately the day job has been lucrative because selling art for a livelihood is no walk in the park. At the heart of photography, I love landscapes and seascapes. It's the complete experience; me alone, my camera and the elements. I enjoy the challenge of having less than ideal conditions to work out an image. A photographer has to enjoy this because getting "ideal" conditions can be exceptionally hit and miss. Some time ago, on a photo workshop I attended, I learned about the technique called "intentional camera movement." (ICM) Ordinarily, a photographer wants his camera to be as stable and set as possible to get the best image possible. ICM is the exact opposite. The outcome is fairly random. From 100 attempts I am happy to walk away with one amazing image. For a long time I didn't even want to talk about it for fear of "giving away" some secret I possessed!



A few years ago, I decided I wanted to create a body of work that, perhaps, one day, a gallery show would be offered. I've now printed 4 of my SeaDreams collection for myself which I am offering for sale here. As of today there are 24 images in this collection with #24, called "Sunswept" just being captured this past month. Presently, I feel the need to cull the current collection down and am going to use this blog to push me through that process. We'll see! For now, I present to you this #24 image as my freshest take on this effort. One of my "requirements" in this collection is that nearly all of what you see is achieved "in camera" which means with as little post processing as possible. I want this to be as organic a process as a painter might have. Because that is what it feels like I'm doing. Most beautiful landscapes have been photographed by us all. Even though every moment in time creates a new image, right? My ICM technique with SeaDreams allows me to truly create one of a kind art which fulfills my hearts desire! I have printed these abstracts in a variety of media, including metal. So, if you are interested in acquiring one, I can help you choose what media to print on based on where you want it to display in your home or office. For me, these SeaDreams images provide a great level of healing and meditative perception. I hope they do for you as well.

If you do enjoy these and want to start collecting them, I recommend you do so now. Before 2022 is gone the prints will disappear completely and only signed limited editions will become available.

I listen to music when I work on my computer, either for work or pleasure and part of my blogging will be to share with you music that affects my art as a little side bonus and barn side view of my life. 

With the recent release of that incredible footage from the Apple vaults, I've been thinking about the Beatles again. I grew up with them. My mom  and I went out to buy the White Album on the day it came out! George, was my favorite Beatle. This song makes me think of him and this new SeaDreams photo!