Original Artwork Debut

Have you been to my new original artwork tab in the gallery here? I'm excited to be able to share it with you after several months of effort to get it up and running along with my photography print gallery. In time, my most popular original artwork will be made available as prints as well.  The exception to this plan is my spray foam and epoxy collection. Those are one of a kind, nothing like it in the world that cannot be duplicated as a print because of their 3Dness.


This is encaustic photography. Taking  one of my photos and encasing it in a wax and collage frame. "Misty Marina" now becomes one of my first original artworks to be displayed at the gallery. It's been quite a process to say the least. It all began as a lot of things did, during the Pandemic. So, by now I have accumulated enough pieces to be able to begin to show them. But to do that, I had to create the new Original Artwork section of the site and fill the three different categories with some of the work that is ready to show and sell. It became apparent, and shown above here, that the photography of said artwork was going to be a new skill as well. Now, I am preparing to backtrack through all the art and take proper photos of everything. If the piece has a frame I will want to shoot it with the frame and without as many of my pieces will become limited edition prints as the original sells. Logistics!


This is an example of my spray foam and epoxy work. So far, there are six in the collection. But there is no way I am finished with it at that. Rivers of Neptune I and II started off my exploration into this medium after I saw a video demonstration of the process. It is a somewhat drawn out process that takes time and patience and I like that. Very organic in nature, the textures, shininess and equal parts random outcome make it exciting to see what comes of it!


The foam actually led me to stumble into textural work with acrylic painting. And quite frankly, this has been the most mind blowing journey of them all. There is something zen that happens when I am creating the textures to then apply colors in various ways as to impart translucency and contrast. It's as if time stops and something supernatural takes my hand and guides it along to apply certain pressure and stroke. This crackle texture work is totally random and adds an architectural element to the abstract. I'm running down a lot of paths with abstract painting as you will see in the gallery and i will get into more detail about various pieces in the new year.

Between now and the new year I will be taking all new photographs of the work I have put in the gallery. What you see was done with my phone. But i quickly saw that was not going to serve me or you well. Plus I want to create the prints and those have to be perfectly photographed. i now have the set up for that and will be pushing through. I also want to add another round of photos to my new Italy gallery between now and the end of the year. So, you can see my task list is full!

Whether its' a photograph or one of my original works of art, I hope it brings you happiness and joy to view. If and when you want to take something home and support my artistic endeavors, I'm here to answer any questions and help you in any way that I can. I am beyond grateful to my supporters and collectors which span many states and even a few countries :-)


I get so tired of hearing people say there is no good music being made anymore. I think there is more being made today than at any other time previously! There are loads of new jazz bands, bluegrass bands and now electronic DJ's capable of creating any sound they wish. Take a listen to this DJ from London. He has been popular on the European festival tours for nearly the past decade. No lack of creativity here at all!