Long Live the Photo Wall Calendar

The big question that comes to mind each year about this time is whether the wall calendar is even a thing anymore in this modern world. Personally, I use one religiously. I've long abandoned actually writing on them but instead am able to have a visual idea of where we are in the month when I sit at my desk. Forever, long ago, they would be found being held by a magnet on the fridge or maybe next to the chore list board in the kitchen for all to see. For a long time I used the desk top calendar as it provided a nice place to write on and doodle. But even then there was a wall calendar to peruse as well. If a business did not give out a wall calendar during the holidays the consumer was led to believe they would not be around much longer!

Introducing my new wall calendar, Gallery Scapes! When Fall arrives I almost always think of creating a wall calendar of popular images. It's in my blood! For many years, I operated a sailing club and took photos of everyone having fun and then would turn the best of those pics into a calendar all the members would get at the New Year. When I sold that business I still had the urge to create a calendar every Fall. So, I began to offer them with my photography, While I have not created a new calendar every year, this year marks the 10th calendar I have published for photographic wall calendar enthusiasts (see what I did there!) For myself and many others, it is the sheer addiction at being able to glance at the calendar and know exactly what the tides are doing in my local waters every day! This is a special feature of my calendars in cooperation with the printer, Tidelines, who I've partnered with ever since those sailing club days!

Now, recently, i've heard that there is a resurgence of interest in photographic wall calendars as part of the nostalgic retro 80's and 90's trend. I'm here to tell you that photographic wall calendars were paramount to that time period of cultural existence.

Anyways! These calendars are high quality photos with a calendar showing major holidays and phases of the moon. For no extra charge you can add an overlay of the daily tide chart for your local coast on the calendars! It's brilliant! Did I mention that they make a great gift? I am so grateful for being able to snap these images and make them available as simply as with this calendar and all the others that proceeded it.

I saw David Bowie for the first time very early on for the Spiders from Mars release tour. From that time on I have been a fan. WMMS and then DJ David Spero was giving it a lot of air time then. Bowie pushed the boundaries in every way shape and form and help usher in a social movement. It's interesting how that can happen, isn't it? His music was so remarkable that his glam persona was secondary. He became a mega star in the disco years! This song has very few live recordings to see. It was from Hunky Dory which was not a commercial success in 1971. This is is especially humorous to me with Robert Smith trying to out Bowie, Bowie! But soon after, this album was released, Ziggy Stardust was born and of course, fans had to hear what this cat was up to before then! He passed away in 2016.