Italy is a favorite destination for me. The photography opportunities are limitless. I also happen to like their food more than any other food I can think of. Ive met some fascinating people along the way that include some of my fondest travel memories. Sicily is set up as a folder with galleries within it. All the other regions are in single galleries for now. Its easy to shop for fine art for your walls/ Click on an individual photo and you will see a buy button. Click that to discover the various ways you can enjoy my photography. I've tested the quality and shipping methods of my printer and chose them for their impeccable customer service. I would be happy to help you select the printing options if you like. But it really is a simple system I think. Just contact me with any questions you have or come to my Facebook page and we can chat there!

I am based here in San Diego so am readily available for event, commercial and commissioned nautical and sailing photography projects. I can combine a variety of imagery beyond still photography for whatever your needs may be, including video, time-lapse, aerial, cinemagraph and plotagraph techniques. Contact me today to get more information about our San Diego sailing photography,. services for superyachts and megayachts, brokers, associations and corporations. Social media content creation is our specialty.

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